Online Gambling: The Past, Present & Future…

In the history of GAMING/GAMBLING or BETTING, online gaming is very new to the world. The history books are full of ancient forms of gambling worldwide in China, ancient Egypt and other countries. In one of the greatest events of our world, Roman soldiers cast lots to see who got Christs clothes when he was crucified. In many countries the casting of lots or dice was used as a method to dispense justice, the last recorded being in Sweden in 1803. It is thought that the ‘throwing of dice’ comes from the Greek word, ’DIKE’, which means to throw.

Many games offered by the casinos today, such as Pai Gow, Craps, Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, all have their origins from Europe and China.

Gambling has three components, a Wager or Bet on an Event that has no predetermined outcome. Sometimes the odds seem to be clear cut and we are told, ‘you can bet your life on it’, only to find that Lady Luck has deserted you, and the third component for you to consider is the Game you are playing and your odds of winning, and if the prize worth it.

Gambling has unfortunately taken many people from riches to rags, and yes visa versa in some cases.  You can go back as far as you can and you will find that gambling has left many in ruins – It is with this in mind that anyone who chooses to play must be aware of the fact that although there is help when in the situation of been “Addicted”,  and gamers who play casino online games or visit their local land based casino should always as a rule put aside an Bankroll amount which should not be exceed at any time, and that the amount you have set aside is what you can afford and does not affect yours or your families life.

The word, Gambling, is slowly being replaced internationally by the word, Gaming. Gambling has always had the connotation of doing something illegal, or aligned to the ‘shadier’ side of life, but no longer. As the electronic age has hit society and communication internationally has become easier, via computers and more recently mobile phones and now i-pads and i-pods, electronic gaming on the internet has become a preferred way for a large section of the population for their entertainment and in some instances a way to earn a living.

For those players who are based within a jurisdiction that does not allow internet gaming, they have found an outlet by traveling to the nearest state in the case of the USA, and compete in the larger Poker Tournaments that offer a seat to online winners into the Major International Tournaments such as the World Series of Poker.  This is also a way for novice players to continue and pursue their dreams by entering all types of Tournaments in order to obtain experience.

With our electronic industry making such huge strides in such a short space in time, one wonders where and how the next decade of Gaming will evolve. One thing is certain it will become more regulated and controlled as it is a huge source of income in tax revenue for those countries and states that allow it.