Lock Poker

Lock Poker has finally closed its doors, owing millions. Although the web site is still up there is no connection to the servers. The consensus of the poker world in general is that the Curacao Licensing board who have taken no steps in trying to contact the owner, Jen Larson who lives in Canada, is a poor effort on their part to reclaim money due to players.

The cause of the demise of lock poker is apparently from the high lifestyle of the owner and overspending. In the beginning of 2014 Lock left the Revolution network to set up his own network which failed dismally and was believed to be a scam poker site.

The Poker Players Alliance has attempted to contact Lock for some feedback but to no avail, and it is believed that it was a matter of ‘closing the door after the horse had bolted’.

It is events such as this that regulators want to prevent and to protect us the consumer, but it also gives them the opportunities to slow the process of licensing down, which affects us in not being able to have entertainment and gaming when we want it. Hmmm it seems we are on the swings and roundabouts.